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Train schedules ordained that I arrived early, and this gave the... Eoin Scrooge knew that his business partner Marley was dead, as he had consigned the ashes himself to the crematorium.

Mary Kenny On Christmas Eve each year there is a lovely BBC tradition of broadcasting a carol service from King's College Cambridge, and that always starts off in the same way: a young solo chorister, with a voice of perfect clarity, begins the much-loved carol Once in Royal David's City. Personally, Eoin blamed Jake Marley's death on not really keeping up with the times, business-wise.

This is 'the year that rocked history', in the words of one of its many biographers.

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Mary Kenny The Russian Revolution of October 1917 is seen as a stirring event, not unlike the Easter Rising of 1916: when an archaic and reactionary regime is replaced by a vital new leadership.

Lenin and Trotsky are charismatic figures, even if the most powerful of the troika, Stalin, is now better known as a ruthless dictator.

The American postal service has been charting a progressive decline in postcard sending since 2010. Mary Kenny A British academic survey, the Millennium Cohort Study, has found that 24pc of adolescent girls at the age of 14 were depressed (compared with 9pc of boys).

One of the authors, Praveetha Patalay of the University of Liverpool, said that: "Compared to previous generations, there seem to be increasing problems,...

But feminism is a wide agenda, and that's why I wrote a book to try and clarify, to myself as well as others, what being a feminist now means. When I was informed that I had a condition called bronchiectasis, a consultant at one of London's leading chest hospitals told me to go and join a choir, or take singing lessons.