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See also the amazing similarity of the monument with the capstone and outer wreath on the one dollar bill.The full story how each detail in the graphic connects to the other follows...But not once did he expose its origin or its connection to the 'circumpunct' symbol of Ra.

This page originally launched to time in with a book by Dan Brown called The Solomon Key but something went completely wrong with Brown's plans. Was he forced into this action by some powerful extremists?

He announced he would take an extra year to do something quite shocking... An author known to expose ancient knowledge then launched a traditional uplifting masonic based story.

'Dammit, gene, I know you slept with, like a thousand women, but c'mon man!!!! He tweeted about the look-a-like cow and said, 'This is real, folks!!!

' wrote Facebook user Terry Rollins, while Jeff Westergard noted that at least one of the many women Simmons claims to have bedded 'could've been a cow.''What happens on the road, is supposed to say on the road,' joked Greg Hunter. ' Hill Country Visitor said that being the visual love child of a Holstein cow and Simmons has saved it from the slaughterhouse.

In the Tennessee image I interpret 3 orbs in the heavens on the Freemason First Degree Tracing board as stars (sourced from the original historical first document on record at the Bradford university - ref follows).