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The 2,910-pound Cayman S comes in some 165 pounds lighter than the Carrera S. This helps with the Cayman's tossability, whether on a track or road.There aren't gigantic differences, but "light makes right" isn't just a saying. That weight difference makes it a little bit easier to manhandle when it approaches, or exceeds, its limits.

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The more powerful Cayman S gets 21 city/30 highway. But the base 911 rings the cash register at $85,250 and the Carrera S a whopping $99,850. Which begs the question: Is anything the Porsche 911 offers worth $20K-$35K more?

The 911 Carrera fitted with the PDK gets 20 city/28 highway/23 combined, while the S version manages 20 city/27 highway/22 combined.

But doing this requires quick hands and some driver skill.

A little rotation is fine, but if the 911's tail comes around too quickly, physics say it's harder to catch. When something unexpected happens in the Cayman (say, you've braked too late and are still going too fast as the car begins to rotate), there's no engine in the back of the car trying to pull it around to the front.

the Cayman drop-kick its bigger, more illustrious brother. They're the same." "So..the different power numbers? It's our entry-level car," he said with German matter-of-factness.

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