Emeeting online dating script

I know I need to get involved in more things where I meet people face-to-face over mutual interests, but for various reasons I can’t right now and online dating at least makes me feel like I’m doing SOMETHING for that area of my life. I am very good at adapting them to situations, but I am not very good at coming up with Least Awkward Things to Say when, for example, someone asks me on a second date I do not want to go on.

Or proposes drinks after dinner that I do not want to go to.

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The easy one is when you end the date without anyone making a move toward making future plans.

You meet for your coffee or drink or whatever, and then at a certain point, you say “Branson & Lady Sibyl from Downton Abbey " data-medium-file="https://captainawkwarddotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/bransonsibyldownton.png?

You do not have to meet up with or even respond to anyone who writes you. Keep expectations WAY low about the level & frequency of communication that will happen and don’t act entitled to anyone’s time or attention or put up with anyone who abuses yours.

Post multiple, accurate pictures of yourself, including full body shots, how you dress, etc.

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