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Jerome succeeded in frightening himself, but not in changing his ways.Fortunately, Jerome had as a companion, Bonosus, who was a Christian influence.

Jerome relented on the condition he would not be expected to serve in any ministry and would still be allowed to pursue his monastic life. Making the most of his freedom as a priest, Jerome traveled to Constantinople where he studied under St.

Gregory of Nazianzus, who was renown as a great theologian. Gregory left Constantinople in 382, Jerome traveled to Rome for a council of the Church and met Pope Damasus.

Now interested in theological matters, Jerome set aside secular matters to pursue matters of the faith.

He traveled with Bonosus to Trier where there were schools for him to gain ecclesiastical training.

In 370, he traveled close to home, ending up in a monastery at Aquileia. Valerian, who had attracted some of the greatest minds in Christendom.