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Concealed carry holder stops mass shooting in South Carolina. Man who tried to assassinate The Donald may get thirty years. The role of turmeric in allergies, heart disease and diabetes prevention.

Jet streams north and south of the equator bad. : Trump says any republican candidate who signed the pledge to support the GOP candidate who does not do so should not be allowed to run for elected office. Also covered the importance of zinc in sperm count, libido and preventing pneumonia.

Missouri sheriff waives concealed carry permit fees after Orlando shooting. Police admit they may attributed to the casualty count. Major USA retailers being blamed for poor working conditions in other countries.

San Jose police chief admits to allowing peaceful Trump attenders to be attacked. Media demands a release of the 911 calls from the Orlando shooting? : Sanders says I am not giving up after he met personally with Obama..MK ultra triple play in orlando. : Government study proves again cell phones cause cancer. EU starting to split with disagreements over migrants : Burning fat made easy.

Japan's nuclear reactor disaster now admits coverup. Agenda 21 and the elites plan for global domination. : FDA approves Stomach pump so people can gorge and then pump stomachs. Big pharma ordered to pay 67,000,000 on a cancer drug that was mis marketed Student loans are massively in default. Good show : The frog and the scorpion ..hear story Update on the orlando shooting Hillary wants another assault weapon ban...wants a lot more than this Saudi crown prince says we fund 20% of Clinton's campaign. Military wants ak47s made in the USA Mercury dental fillings and their side effects : Oklahoma is stealing money from drivers who have money in their acct via wireless transfer when stopped by police. Teds story of meeting a Ted Kennedy bleeding heart liberal while on a plane.