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Nancy all but accosts Barton in the clinic’s parking lot, babbling to try to get him on her side, and finally letting the fact that Bill and Gini are working on gay conversion therapy spill. Then Libby and the children happily pile into the VW bus, and she says to John, “The future is happy and bright, my sweet boy.” He says, “We’ll see.” Again, it’s a bit much, but earlier in the episode, Libby makes a speech that includes the sentence, “The days of me organizing my life around a man are over!

” so we knew Libby wasn’t going to go out with much subtext.

Still, props to the writer who gave us the joy of hearing Frances Fisher say the phrase “masturbatory release.” Ultimately, Gini’s mother storms out, and her father announces he’s finished with the marriage.

Meanwhile, Art exposes Nancy’s plans to steal Bill and Gini’s work and open her own clinic.

Gini shows up at Nancy’s house with a sheriff and a search warrant, and it’s clear that she’s enjoying this more than she should.

They snipe at each other for a while, and Nancy tells Gini that she’s made her peace with winding up alone at the end of all of this, and that Gini needs to realize she’s going to, too.

Gini, perhaps assuming that Libby is high and will therefore take the news well, announces that she and Bill are getting married, and that Libby is the first to know. He seems properly delighted, but not as thrilled as Guy, who immediately gushes, “It’s like a fairy tale come true!