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3D Deathcase is a reminder of just what could be achieved with a paltry 16K of memory back in the early days of the home computer.

Lifting the speeder bike sequence wholesale from Return Of The Jedi, 3D Deathchase seemed almost comically single-minded even in an era of simple pleasures.

Unlike many movies today, which announce their home video releases on or before they're released to theaters!! I would've hopped on the 4K bandwagon for this had Disney finally done the same. Disney is by far the most money-hungry studio out there!

Best movie of the year & my new favorite movie of all time! I will double-dip for an extended release and even triple-dip for the inevitable 4K. I don't buy 3D, so I couldn't care less about that.

Just like I don't want someone talking about the movie while I'm trying to watch it. 4k 3D disc edition down the road would be ideal but not likely and too late to capture much sales. Which will be lame because of inferior bitrates) @Anty1080p True it's looking slim I guess Disney isn't focus on releasing 4K films at least they deliver great picture quality on Blu Ray and they make good 3D films most of the time that's all I care for now. I'm from Ontario but 1 hr from US border so hoping i can pick Target up before Trump puts up a CANADIAN Wall!