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It’s an added bonus that when you do begin a sexual relationship, you can do so without comparisons to past partners.

Fact #3: There are Things a lot More Important than your Virginity As you look to find someone with whom you can connect on a deep and meaningful level, keep in mind that the amount of sex you’ve had will almost never derail a healthy relationship.

If not, and you know that you want to pursue a relationship that will include a sexual dimension, then consider what steps you want to take in that direction and decide when the timing is right for you and the other person.

Regardless of what you decide concerning this important area of your life, keep in mind that any relationship that is worth having is made up of two individuals who encourage and support each other, who communicate well about who they are and what they want, and who respect the choices and beliefs of their partner.

We’re just saying that if you’re an adult who feels uncomfortable about the fact that you haven’t yet had sex, there are plenty of reasons to feel good about your situation.

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