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I am behind her 150% and we look forward to her continued leadership in the future.

Laitinen and her husband Andy have been married for 17 years. Top of Page According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, inmate Derrick Benjamin Sells, age 33, of 400 Branch Road, Fall Branch, attempted suicide in his cell at approximately a.m.

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Sells was charged in Sullivan County with Violation of Probation, Possession of a Firearm by a convicted Felon, and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Sells was incarcerated in Sullivan County with No Bond.

Investigators determined that the shootings took place on the 3rd of December and were not discovered until the 4th of December.

The 2 children were inside the home by themselves for over a 24 hour period.

He will be held on a $19,000 bond upon his return to Washington County.