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The National Geographic Society in Washington holds a specimen of an Aepyornis egg which was given to Luis Marden in 1967.

The specimen is intact and contains an embryonic skeleton of the unborn bird.

1 David Attenborough’s new one-off documentary will air straight after Blue Planet II and is a follow up to 2016’s Attenborough And The Giant Dinosaur, which was watched by a whopping 7.5 million viewers.

This time, he’s exploring the life and death of Jumbo, an African elephant thought to have been the biggest in the world and said to have inspired the Disney film Dumbo. As David explains, he became a global superstar on his arrival at London Zoo in 1865, a time when “hardly anyone in Europe had ever seen an elephant”.

He also used alcohol to combat sea sickness when, in 1882, Jumbo was sent to America to join PT Barnum’s circus.