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Such unexpected tactical alliances may drawn from across a wide range of different political and ideological perspectives—Left, Right, or otherwise—and despite the component groups having longer-term goals that are orthogonal or even conflicting.

So long as all such elements in the coalition recognize that the hostile media is their most immediate adversary, they can cooperate on their common effort, while actually gaining additional credibility and attention by the very fact that they sharply disagree on so many other matters.

In Clauswitzian terms, the media often constitutes the strategic “center of gravity” of the opposing forces.

If the media is the crucial force empowering the opposition, then it should be regarded as a primary target of any political strategy.

AND, this tune isn't as simple to PLAY as you first might think... He was however, severely injured in an ATV accident in the late '80s. the 80's was such an awesome era, they had awesome music and awesome clothes. Springfield and this song is featured in movie "13 going on 30." A good flick.

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    Since Lenovo created a dedicated tablet division back in 2011, the computing company has been releasing mid-range devices with much success.

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    The less we interact with them the less hold they have on us. No online presence in the name he gave, no verifiable info forthcoming. Supposedly now on drilling platform in Poland, having a bad day, and machinery order held up with final payment needed, bank account frozen because he didn't notify them he's abroad. I have received so many friend requests through a friend. I just wanted to add that my guy used the name Micheal (NOT MICHAEL) John.

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